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Cradle of Filth

Dani Filth - Scripture and Howls
Paul Allender - Guitar
David Pybus - Poisoned Heart Throb
Martin Skaroupka - Drums
Charles Hedger - Live Guitars
Ashley - Live keys and backing vocals

These are heady days for those of us who wear our devotion to metal like a badge of honour. The deafening beast of the dark depths has lived to roar and rampage again and the scene has never been in a happier or healthier state. But don't be deceived. Metal never really went away. In fact, its current fortitude stems entirely from the bands that never surrendered those brave, liquor-soaked men whose total disregard for the vagaries of fashion and finance kept them glued to the grindstone through metal's mainstream wilderness years. Now, as seems wholly fitting, the greatest of these are finally reaping their rewards and hitting new creative peaks as they surge unstoppably onwards and upwards. And, as it was in the beginning, so shall it be in 2008....

Just as the gravel-lined, turd-stained streets of urban England gave heavy metal to the world back in the late '60s, so that small country with the big voice continues to be the place where the world's finest dark metal band rest their weary, alcohol-ravaged heads after another sonic killing spree.

Throughout the '90s, Cradle of Filth - led by vocalist, lyricist and crypt-crawling master of ceremonies Dani Filth - beavered tirelessly away, producing a series of peerless extreme metal classics that drew from an endless, dizzying array of inspirations and influences while always maintaining that instantly recognizable heart of filthy darkness. The brutal and brief VEmpire mini-album and the lustrous, lascivious Dusk & Her Embrace (both 1996) began to reveal the band's great sonic range. Later taking into account the slithering concept piece Cruelty & The Beast (1998) and the Clive Barker-inspired Midian (2000) - not to mention their excursions into the visual realm of film and promo - the Cradle Of Filth sound showed itself to be a many-headed creature. It was one that took delight in confounding both the purists and the critics who continually assailed the band's motives and creativity even as their fan base expanded and their status soared. With a line-up that seemed to be constantly changing - thanks, perhaps, to the cobweb-encrusted revolving door that rumours suggest marked the entrance to the band's rehearsal space during this period - the music was never allowed to stagnate fresh blood and its revitalising effects remained a permanent weapon in the boys' macabre arsenal...

And so to 2007, where Cradle Of Filth find themselves in the enviable position of being in a league and class of their own. Having long since outstripped the achievements of their one-time contemporaries, the band is now firmly entrenched in a rich vein of form. The current line-up of Dani Filth, guitarists Paul Allender and Charles Hedger, bassist Dave Pybus, Rosie Smith ..boards, female vocals Sarah Jezebel Deva and drummer Martin Skaroupka is the most solid and powerful in the band's career and Thornography is the resounding, conclusive proof. With songs as brutish, bombastic and diverse as "Libertina Grimm," "Tonight In Flames," "Cemetery & Sundown," "I Am The Thorn," "The Byronic Man" (featuring HIM's Ville Valo on guest vocals) and a deranged cover of Heaven 17's '80s pop gem "Temptation," the world's biggest and best extreme metal band have never sounded so exhilarating, so vital, so venomous.

Louder, harder, faster, heavier, darker, catchier - the unstoppable force that is Cradle Of Filth slithers menacingly forward, crushing the opposition and striking warped, blackened glee into the hearts of misanthropes and malevolents the world over..."

Cradle of Filth Tour Dates:

Jun 19    Hellfest 2015 w/ Dani Filth    Clisson, France 
Jun 21    Graspop Metal Meeting Festival w/ Winterfylleth   Dessel, Belgium
Jul 09     Rockharz Open Air     Ballenstedt, Germany
Jul 30     Wacken Open Air      Wacken, Germany
Aug 05   Brutal Assault     Josefov, Czech Republic
Aug 13   Summer Breeze w/ Dani Filth       Dinkelsbuhl, Germany

Cradle of Filth Interview
by Shauna O'Donnell Dani Filth, Cradle of Filth, Interview on 525 Power Tracks Hard Rock, Metal Radio Station - Listen Now




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