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Anthony D'Amato-vocals
Jason Gile-guitar
Dave Filice-bass
Glen Sobel-drums

As far as anyone can tell, the seeds that would become D'Amato were sown long before any of its current members (Anthony D'Amato-vocals, Jason Gile-guitar, Dave Filice-bass, Glen Sobel-drums) were even born. Jimi Hendrix, Led Zepplin and The Doors are among the architects of the influences that D'Amato draws from. Formed in late 2004, D'Amato is a four-piece modern rock group with a sense of danger and beauty that's been missing from the music scene for far too long. Their suitably explosive debut effort "Synesthesia" marks the spot for a new beginning from a band of rock n' roll brothers united by controversial pasts and an evolving, but positive future.

"We're all looking for a renaissance here," explains the group's founder and frontman, Anthony D'Amato. "Now we have that opportunity and it's amazing. This music is just as poetic as it is aggressive. Darkness meets hope in a back alley brawl. It forces you to lace your boots up and get ready for the fight. There's always that 'F*ck you' element to it. We really hope to bring some chaos back into the world of rock."

Everything you've heard about D'Amato is true. Their sound is defiantly forward-looking and truly fresh in all senses of that word.

"The music is very aggressive," says bassist Dave Filice. "But the live show is the real rush because there are no safety nets."

Working with accomplished producers has been an advantage for D'Amato from the beginning. After recording with producer Bryan Carlstrom (Alice in Chains, Billy Idol, Offspring) and JJ Blair (David Bowie, Rod Stewart), D'Amato reached out to a friend, Grammy-winning mixer and engineer Thom Russo (Jay-Z, System of a Down, Audioslave) to complete production and mix the four-song EP.

With several television and film licensing deals to their credit, and a five-star rating on iTunes, D'Amato has excited and enthralled crowds all over the US and beyond with not only performances, but a rapidly increasing internet presence.

"The internet has been extremely effective for us," says D'Amato, "For example, on myspace.com, we had an international listening audience within 48 hours. People are still hungry for music, and the Internet has made it easier for artists and fans to get around the fire."

What makes D'Amato stand out is a devil-may-care outlook honed by precision and professionalism. What lies ahead for D'Amato? Currently in the studio working on a full LP release "Beyond Euphoria" Due to be released October 2006 Rock has a new name...know it

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