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525 Power Tracks  - Featured Artist

Etched in Red

Etched in Red - 525 Power Tracks Featured band, Etched in Red


Seth Boyce, Vocals
Mike Cook, Bass
Jason Kirk, Guitar
Nick Kramer, Guitar
George Makris, Drums


The modern metal landscape is saturated with mediocre bands that still hold on to the antiquated notion that playing loud and fast is enough to pique the interest of fans of the genre. Given that, it's immediately refreshing to hear this California five piece giving their listeners some credit. This is structured, intelligent metal done right, ripe with darkly sophisticated lyrics and dual guitar work that forges a harshly complex sound. Sloughing off the riff-riding, straightforward assault that so many bands fall back on, they have instead managed to put together songs that strategically challenge the audience, jutting from hard to heavy, screams to echoes.

All of this is achieved without a formulaic vibe, with each song hitting with equal force but from a distinctly different angle. The method is effective, bordering on a song-within-a-song approach that's sure to keep you in suspense, bracing for what is coming next.

Masters of Metal
"These guys are nothing short of phenomenal. This CD is a master piece and has blown me away from the very first time I ever heard it. There are no shortcuts, no compromises and no BS. From the first song to the last they have changed the rules, setting the bar high and most bands can only wish for such great results in a recording. This CD is the strongest fusion of aggression, melody, rock and metal that I have ever experienced and Etched In Red will always have a place in my CD player."  -- Mike Program Director 525.com Power Tracks"


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